An inspiring conversation with Prof. Liran Carmel

A little while ago, I had the pleasure to meet a fascinating researcher who studies bioinformatics of molecular evolution and genetics, Prof. Liran Carmel. I was drawn to his research through an article in Science, written with Prof. Eran Meshorer, dealing  with reconstructing the epigenome of the Neanderthal and the Denisovan man. They compared this ancient epigenome with that of modern humans, and identified genes whose activity had been muted in comparison to our own species. my fascination with de extinction had led me to meet him, but he kindly introduced so many aspects of his research that may lead to exciting artistic exploration, that I am now back to the drawing board, to envision possible work paths. I hope that this meeting will continue and result in a new body of work.

Prof. Liran Carmel

A new beginning. In a conversation with Prof. Liran Carmel,

A diagram of Napoleon and his army During the war in Russia

 A diagram Of Napoleon and his Army during the war in Russia. Liran showed me some wonderful books dealing with visualization of time, geography and genetic research.

Edward Tufte

 Prof. Carmel showed me a wonderful survey of translating data to a visual image by Edward Tufte.